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Dr Joseph teaching a Tong Ren Class!

The Delicious Food included when you take a Tong Ren Class! Prepared  by Chef Lela.

"the food was extra-special"

"your touch with the elegance of lunch"


"wonderful food"

Beautiful Organic Lunch Included!

We all enjoy a lovely sit down

 lunch during the break with

Organic food that is all provided!

What do you learn in Tong Ren Class with Dr Joseph?

The primary goal is to get the student familiar with the equipment and the manual so that at the end of the day they are comfortable with doing a treatment for any condition. They know the do's and don'ts of Tong Ren Therapy. They learn the basic important points on the Acupuncture Training Doll. They will treat a number of conditions in class and be treated. They experience the Tong Ren Field of Energy in the group setting. Tong Ren Therapy is designed to be simple and effective. Tom Tam calls the process "Monkey See Monkey Do." The class strives to prove this.

The Tong Ren Training Class takes place in a comfortable Healing Setting!

Upcoming Polarity CLASS, Sunday, June 29th!

Info on How to Pay for Your Tong Ren Class!


The Tong Ren Therapy Class is $125 and the Equipment cost is $100, which is a total of $225: this includes all your equipment, book, a full gourmet lunch and snacks and the full day class with Dr Joseph & Lela!

To register we ask for a deposit of $100 to order the equipment for the Tong Ren Class!  You can pay the remainder of $125 the day of the class by cash or check!

Please note: The Tong Ren Therapy Class is a prerequisite for the "Advanced Tong Ren" Classes!

Tong Ren Class Deposit: Registration Fee $100.00
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What a wonderful way to help people! This method brings the universal power to the people to help each other with illnesses and other problems. I highly recommend that you learn this therapy.

Dr. George Ritter

Tong Ren "Advanced" Class Registration Deposit
This is the registration deposit for the Tong Ren Graduates "Advanced" Class! The remainder of $95 may be paid the day of the class by cash or check!
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Tong Ren Class Testimonials from Tong Ren Graduate Students

Dear Dr. Joseph and Lela ~
Thank you so much for introducing me to the amazing healing system of Tong Ren Therapy.
As an energy worker for well over 30 years, I have studied some very interesting protocols and am grateful for the many healing successes which have resulted. I was a tad skeptical when I first heard about Tong Ren, wondering what this energy system could offer that I had not encountered in the past.  Well, after attending the introductory lecture, my questions were answered.  This seemed to be the missing link!  I immediately signed up for the class. The material was simple to learn and put into practice immediately, as Dr. Joseph explained Tong Ren with such ease.  No months and years of ongoing study and practice, no expensive tools, books, etc.  And no gurus!  This is an energetic healing system that is available to each of us, not just those who are particularly gifted or have meditated on a mountain top for 30 years.   From the very first day, I began seeing stellar results. Tong Ren picks up where other modalities leave off. The magic of Tong Ren is how simple it is and easy to learn, and because of the non-locality of the nature, can be done by phone, with great ease from anywhere on the planet. The class was not only most informative, but learning was a pleasure in such a relaxed atmosphere.  Dr. Joseph and Lela are the ultimate hosts, providing a beautiful space for learning in their warm and comfortable home.  The crowning glory was the incredible meal prepared and served by gourmet chef, Lela.  What a treat.  That alone was worth the price of the class!  Joseph and Lela, you are both a true Blessing to the planet.....and may you continue to be abundantly Blessed in all your endeavors.  With much gratitude ~     J. R.

Dr Joseph,  
We have seen changes in Will since I have started doing daily treatments. His physical therapist in particular has seen a change in his muscle tone and tolerance to therapy. His occupational therapist has noticed a change in his arm movement and pincer grasp. His eyes are reacting for the first time by blinking when an object is flashed in front of his eyes. He is also demonstrating more head control. I treated a friend with a headache and she said it was gone. The treatment helped a young girl with scleraderma and rheumatoid arthritis. It has helped me sleep. It helped my mom with back pain. Basically everyone I have treated has felt better on a scale of 1 to 10. This class helped me feel confident to work on people right away. The more I work on different people the easier it comes and the more comfortable I feel.   Sincerely,   L.W.

Dear Lela and Joseph,
I am just a beginner using Tong Ren. I had a difficult morning with a few things not working out as I would have liked. I had learned Tong Ren two days before and had not used it yet. I thought this would be a good time. I did Joseph's general clearing. I didn't feel much of  anything. Then I worked on my husband. After that I made some calls, worked on some presentations. To my surprise, I was being productive, doing things that build my business. Usually when I don't feel in tune, I procrastinate these important tasks. The energy was not "over the top." It was, however, just right, and led me to a delightfully productive afternoon.  Now I am doing two to three clearings a day on different things for myself and others. I now am starting to feel a stable, grounded energy from doing the clearings. At least for me, it took a few days of use to build up the experience to where I can now feel the energy.     N. D.

Hello Dr. Joseph and Lela,
I am incredibly excited for you both and the work that you do. Tong Ren has incredible potential, the more people we can introduce Tong Ren to, the more people that will be healed. My own experiences with Tong Ren, in a short time, have been pretty cool. What is most amazing to me is how clean or detached the energy is from the "receiver". In nearly every session of different modalities where I was "treating" an individual, I have noticed that my energy tends to shift in alignment with the subjects. This tapping does not have that affect. In fact the receiver will later describe that they are having extraordinary sensations and I am tapping away wondering if they are noticing anything accept my worried expression that they may think I am loony tunes! Having said that, I sense that my own mental and physical well being, my natural and healthy Chi, is becoming stabilized and stronger as a result of treating others.     D.F.

Hi Joseph & Lela 
I would like to thank you so much for welcoming all of us into your home for such a wonderful day of good training, wonderful food and most of all.....your hospitality and concern for helping people.  Hope to see you soon. I think  your decision about having your training in your home is wonderful, more work for you Lela but....your touch with the elagance of lunch and what we learned from Joseph was so much more than I expected, thanks for the lovely day.   D. E.

We are so grateful for Tong Ren, Dr. Joseph, and Lela. It is something that everyone can benefit from, whether you have physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or financial issues. Dr. Joseph and Lela are very knowledgeable and compassionate people and it is a privilege to work with them.  M. M.

Dr. Joseph & Lela,

Good Morning!   It does feel as if I am receiving warmth and guidance, which feels wonderful. I love the practice and I know I'm meant to be doing this. I have already done treatments on my whole family, including a separate one for my dad who suffers from ear and sinus congestion; and my uncle whose hips were aching. Today I worked on a friend who had a bad leg injury and while we were on the phone he already said he could move it better! Thank you again for a wonderful class.  Tong Ren is a gift!      B. B.

Hi Joseph & Lela
I thoroughly loved the class. Thank you both for everything you did. Last night I worked on myself for over 2 hours - did a tuneup, worked on blood circul. problem, whole spine for alignment, hearing, cataracts, TMJ, gout, hot flashes and a lot of tapping on that gout toe. I slept like a baby and never woke up during the night. Felt great today. My hearing is so improved! and my body is so much more aligned and balanced.    S. R.

Thank you so much for yesterday,  the information is instantly usable Joseph, and the food was extra-special  and excellent.  Thank you for a wonderful day     R. S.

Hello Joseph & Lela  
Thank you all very much for your energy contribution in the class yesterday.  Individually, I thank you for your healing intention during the tapping for my eyes.   Specifically today, I notice that my eyes are stronger.  While I have not reached an ability to stop using "readers", the print is less blurry so improvement is noted. Ashland and Hawaii's loss is Las Vegas(s) gain.  For me, being introduced to Tong Ren via Joseph and Lela could be a life changing event.  In this sense I hope to become great friends to you and your movement to bring Tong Ren Therapy to as many people that are drawn to it. My statements may sound grandiose but please consider: This spring I have been putting together a treatment that would be of service to people that are seeking "quick fix" emotional or Spiritual relief. There has been a block in bringing the service to fruition. I now see that the treatment menu was waiting for Tong Ren.     D.F.

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